Tout savoir sur l’emploi à l’étranger

What is a job?

Employment defines the exercise of a profession within the framework of an activity remunerated by a salary, a salary (in the public service) or fees (for the self-employed). It is then governed by a contract signed between an employer and an employee. This term is also used in macroeconomics to refer to the use of the entire working age population.


 Why employment abroad?

Do you feel the desire to see your professional situation evolve and study closely the advantages of working abroad? These should be seriously considered and can act as a career catalyst. Whether it’s learning to speak a new language or discovering new skills at work, however, expatriation is always a difficult journey to navigate. The result is great job prospects, a new field of skills and a circle of friends around the world. The professional context working abroad involves having to adapt to new working methods. Looking for a job abroad requires a lot of time, patience and willpower. If you really want to cross borders to live the professional experience of your dreams, you will have to arm yourself with perseverance and not let yourself be discouraged too easily.

 What is the best way to find a job?

Professional social networks like LinkedIn and Video, which allow you to search for job offers… and to be visible to recruiters, La Bonne Boîte, a search engine to identify companies recruiting in your region and your sector of activity. In addition, some consulting agencies are there to better guide you. 

How to work abroad?

If you are a citizen of the European Union (EU), you have the right to work freely in any country in the European Union. You do not need a visa or work authorization to enter the job market. You can also reside in an EU country without a residence permit.

But if you are an AFRICAN citizen for example * The conditions are not the same and vary depending on the host country and each candidate must be able to complete and provide the documents requested by their employer or by the agent in charge of their file.

 Which international organizations are recruiting?

Many organizations recruit employees from elsewhere and certain sites and consulting agencies allow them to discover international careers within these international organizations. We have for example: UNEP. …UNDP. …United Nations: …OECD.

..IFAD. …Unesco. …WTO. …WHO. And many others. You just need to search in the right place; at the right time; and knock on the right door

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